Hire a Lawyer if You’re Charged With These 5 Crimes

A criminal record haunts you for the rest of your life. It follows you to jobs, college, and in other areas of life, adding difficulty to already challenging days. Hire an attorney if you are facing criminal charges in Canada. An attorney helps defends you in court, reducing the odds of a conviction. If convicted, expect a lighter sentence when a criminal lawyer handles the case. Although it is important that you have legal representation almost any time you go to court, the criminal charges below demand the legal expertise and help an attorney offers to keep your life on the right track. A lot of the resources at Aswani Datt could be useful if you want more information.

1. Impaired Driving

Impaired driving, commonly called driving under the influence, is a criminal charge that a police officer may bestow upon a driver who operates their vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% or greater. Drivers can also face an impaired driving charge if they refuse to perform the breath test. Impaired driving is a federal offence in Canada. You need a criminal lawyer to beat the case!

2. Domestic Assault

With a zero-tolerance policy throughout Canada, a person may be charged with domestic assault even when the victim does not wish to pursue criminal charges. The responding officers must make an arrest if they feel that an assault against another person has occurred. This offence occurs after an altercation between a married couple, a couple who is dating, or former couples/partners.

3. Drug Possession

Conviction of drug possession may limit your ability to get a passport to travel to America or other countries. Convictions also tarnish your good name and make finding employment, housing, etc. difficult. Additionally, an individual convicted of drug possession faces a slew of consequences like time in jail.

4. Manslaughter

A person convicted of a manslaughter charge faces a sentence of up to life in prison. You have a right to proper counsel when facing a manslaughter charge. Do not underestimate the importance that attorneys bring to criminal cases, particularly those of such stature. It is important that an attorney fights for your freedom if you have been charged with manslaughter.

5. Theft

Although first-time theft charges are not criminally prosecuted in Toronto, the Crown prosecutor may choose to indict second and subsequent charges/ convictions. A theft charge carries a punishment of up to two-years imprisonment along with heavy fines.