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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein


Following are key points about the need for a grassroots citizens’ push for supporting research and development of new clean energy systems:

1 Time urgency.
Truly clean low-cost abundant-energy solutions need to quickly be commercialized, because the way we deal with energy resources today is harming our world via:

a) Environmental degradation (oil spills, unhealthy air, ocean acidification,
uranium/coal mining, rad-waste, unnatural atmospheric gases increasing etc);

b) The scarcity-mentality which results in oil wars and vicious competition;

c) Pessimism – threats of economic power-down constrict people with fear; and

d) The fact that most national energy policies are steaming ahead in the wrong direction, fueled by huge piles of taxpayers’ money and oiled by well-funded public relations propaganda, toward agribusiness that grows genetically modified products for biofuels instead of food, megaproject centralized hydrogen and hydro infrastructures, hot fusion (which is dirty) research and thousands of nuclear fission plants.

2 Quantum-leap alternatives are real, but aren’t on the market yet.
A variety of comparatively low-cost power-full truly-clean alternatives exist, but most citizens haven’t heard about them. (We’re not talking about standard solar, wind, geothermal, although we encourage their wise use. Tidal power and advanced solar concentrators could replace nuclear power plants.) Meanwhile, there is compelling evidence for a variety of clean local (decentralized) approaches which come from outside-the-box thinking and also experimentation with working prototypes. The best approaches work in harmony with nature’s ways.

Examples, often languishing in unfunded laboratories, include:
– A breakthrough in solar-electric systems, such as Lumeloid:
– Revolutionary replacements for today’s batteries;
– Energy converters which manipulate magnetic fields innovatively;
– “Crystal Converter” type of inventions, no moving parts and no batteries;
– Inventions involving nanotechnology and diode arrays;
– Revolutionary ways to convert environmental heat into electricity;
– Water-as-fuel resonant inventions innovatively affecting water molecules;
– The rather well-funded but beleagured work of Blacklight Power;
– Sonofusion;
– Recent “cold fusion” breakthroughs;
– Plasma fusion which does not create radioactive waste;
– Radically different ways of building electric motors;
– Battery-pulsing with new magnetic generators to create self-running systems.

3 Roadblocks
So far, vested interests have prevented most people from viewing the revolutionary alternatives at all, or taking them seriously. Revolutionary alternatives are considered by multi-trillion-dollar industries to be “disruptive technologies”; these inventions or systems would cut into existing profits and disrupt business plans of certain corporations.

Vested interests interfere with disruptive technologies in various ways including:
– Longterm public relations strategies. Ever since the time of Nikola Tesla, corporate interests have influenced textbooks, science grants for universities and the information in mass media when it comes to these topics.
– Intimidation – physical interference or threats to isolated inventors, whose true stories result in fear spreading throughout the energy underground.
– Encouraging ridicule or scorn. Academics who have stature as experts (in the old worldview) keep a safe distance from new-paradigm inventions that have been labeled “crackpot” or “impossible”. They also fear losing their funding.
– Influencing the policies of patent offices and academic publications.

4 ‘Ordinary’ people can change the situation, because people-power trumps.
Citizens must look outside the mass media to become informed about the revolutionary energy alternatives and to support those alternatives. A grassroots movement of people meeting locally and those groups connecting nationally and internationally has begun and is vitally needed – a groundswell of interest, mutual education and activism.

People of common sense can see the danger of waiting for private industry or for the government or “experts” to press for a changeover to truly clean energy systems.
For instance it is likely that economic and/or environmental disasters could make changeover much more difficult. (The era of cheap oil is ending. We have scarce time to re-tool factories and manufacture the volume of new energy systems that are needed to replace today’s polluting baseload systems.)

5 Everyone can help in some way.
You can help by spreading the information, or encouraging philanthropic involvement in the New Energy Movement — or you can help through the power of your own positive envisioning. For example, put your creative energy into a vision of sparkling-clean air in the middle of a large city where singing birds can be heard because electric-vehicle traffic is so silent, industries use quiet electric systems and even household appliances and heating systems are powered by silent little energy converters.

You can envision what it’s like to look up past inspiring architecture to blue skies, or to feel soft unpolluted rainwater on your face while standing on a sidewalk in a city, while other people also smile in appreciation.

Feel how a fresh-air country landscape with restored ecosystems appeals to your five senses. See clear rivers winding through tomorrow’s New-Energy-powered lands. That view has been cleared of today’s web of high-tension wires and poles powerlines over the years. (The grid won’t be needed, because distributed power isn’t necessary when you have small-is-beautiful energy systems locally and individually.)

Imagine yourself, or a favorite child as an adult, joyfully working at a satisfying occupation — perhaps helping to restore one ecosystem after another on our planet, or designing soaring translucent buildings that have been made possible by the new materials that will result from certain New Energy technologies.
Feel the freedom and unleashed creativity of a truly New Energy Era! Your visioning helps create it.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What is New Energy?
New Energy is a class of innovative and super-efficient low-cost, clean, decentralized energy systems that includes a wide variety of quantum-leap-new inventions. They have the potential to replace today’s polluting enerrgy technologies and clean up Earth. New Energy systems are practical and can be developed with relatively low research-and-development budgets, but have been unrecognized by mainstream scientists and their followers in the mainstream media.

By this definition we do NOT include, in the New Energy category, standard energy alternatives such as
Electrical Energy produced from;
– Solar Cells
– Windmills
– Hydrogen Fuel Cells
However, the New Energy Movement does enthusiastically advocate support for any truly clean energy technology such as low-impact tidal, solar and wind.
And revolutonary developments in solar and wind energy ARE New Energy under our definition.

Examples of New Energy DO include:
Mechanical Energy produced from;
– Magnetism
– The Zero Point of Time, Matter and Space

Water-as-fuel, with the fuel (hydrogen) released at point of use and not transported in pipes or stored.

Novel hydrogen chemistry such as the Mills hydrogen gas cell

Revolutionary approaches to using ambient heat, such as the Rauen experiment

Solid-state (no moving parts) devices in which electronic circuitry and materials resonate with the cosmic background energy

Sonofusion (use of sound frequencies).

Vortex technologies — working with nature’s favorite tool instead of working against nature.
2. How long has New Energy been around?

Although its rediscovery has occurred mainly within the past century, ambient free energy has been in existence since the beginning of our known universe.
3. What is the reason that New Energy is not available everywhere?

The idea of placing a technology into the hands of the general public that can produce energy from a free source such as water, magnetism, or the zero point of time and space has been postulated by many. Perhaps one of the foremost persons to have made the attempt in making this idea a reality was Nikola Tesla, the father of free energy.

Unfortunately, the current providers of energy and the many people on their payrolls see such an idea as posing a great threat to their profits and monopolies. They believe their existence relies on the current fact that the average person depends on fossil fuels for their energy requirements. Therefore this class of energy inventions has met with closed doors when seeking funding or academic support, and individuals who publicly went against the energy industry have in the past been ridiculed, shut down or silenced.

Founder of the New Energy Movement Brian O’Leary, Ph.D. points out that New Energy technology is in its early stages of research-and-development. He says asking all inventors to publicly demonstrate their inventions at this time may be unrealistic. Not only are they scattered and underfunded, but “asking today’s inventors to deliver the goods is like asking the Wright Brothers to deliver passengers and mail just after their maiden flight in 1903.”
4. What has to happen to make New Energy available now?

Funding for refining the inventions into reliable products that are standardized for mass production is needed.

The development and mass production of any technology is also dependent on the demand for that technology. Presently, there is not enough public awareness on the subject of New Energy to create a strong enough demand.

Knowledge is a right and power in itself. Our reality is made from our thoughts, and what we all think today will determine our future tomorrow. By becoming more aware of New Energy sources, you are one step closer to the freedom that such technologies can offer you and all of humanity.

At the present time revolutionary New Energy is possessed only by its inventors, and those who have the ability to understand and use these technologies for themselves.