The New Energy Movement Canada (NEMCA)

evolved out of its founding members’ associations with other grassroots environmental and clean energy organizations.

January, 2007 and onward: New Energy Movement Canada

A living-room-full of people with the same dream – women and men of various backgrounds and age groups – began meeting monthly at an apartment in Vancouver and decided to become New Energy Movement Canada (NEMCA).

The diversity of backgrounds presents an ongoing challenge, but we realize we are a microcosm of society in general. The dream of a higher civilization on Earth gave the motivation to find ways to work in harmony toward energy freedom and Earth revitalization, and continues to hold us together.

The first tasks — after registering the name — involved extensive soul-searching exercises as a group finding its own heartfelt mission statement, goals and method of operating. Early on, the group decided on an egalitarian structure — no hierarchy – and consensus decision-making for smaller meetings of up to twenty people. (The group outgrew those numbers and outgrew the member’s apartment in mid-2007 and began renting meeting spaces.)

Another new-paradigm aspect is the mutually supportive relationship between interest groups within NEMCA Inventors and technical researchers help educate the non-technical people. In turn our people with other skills carry out other tasks and also help create a nurturing environment where confidentiality is sacred.

NEMCA began meeting at larger venues – a business space, the S.P.E.C. (environmental groups’) building, and Community Centres. A small planning-group meeting was held in Langley BC at the Windsong Co-housing Community. (Watch our home page for the next meetings.)

A highlight of the first year of NEMCA meetings was the show-and-tell: One of the technically-inclined members took a turn at teaching, in non-technical terms, an aspect of what they know about unusual energy-converting systems. Topics briefly covered have included resonance, magnet motors, geometrical shapes, tapping energy from the surroundings and other fascinating topics.

NEMCA hosted viewings of scientist Nassim Haramein’s easy-to-understand DVD series which depicts a life-affirming new understanding of the universe and energy. In November, 2007, guest speaker William Baumgartner gave a well-attended presentation about Victor Schauberger’s harmony-with-nature energy concepts. The December gathering was party time for NEMCA.

The new year is the time for growth of the organization through public events, reaching out to other communities-of-interest and manifesting more of our goals. Carmen Miller of Muller Power gave an informative and lively presentation to NEMCA in March.

We encourage other cities or regions to form their own NEMCA groups and consider networking activities within the broader New Energy Movement Canada, which is now applying for registration as an official not-for-profit organization.