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UPDATE: A standing room only crowd attended this wonderful event. Lots of fresh faces and a genuine interest in moving the new energy consciousness forward! Thanks to the organizers, volunteers and speakers!

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Monday April 11, 2011

New Energy Movement journalist and engineers will update the public on non-conventional clean energy inventions and present news about Tesla-inspired devices on Monday April 11, 7 pm at Langara College theater A122a (100 W. 49 Ave., Vancouver). Tickets $5 or by donation, more information at : or

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Thanks to everyone who turned our NEMCA Speaker Series Events which included William Baumgartner, Carmen Miller, Joseph Tyls and Steven Krivet.

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The award winning book Breakthrough Power by Jeane Manning & Joel Garbon is described as “everyone’s primer for the new-energy revolution”.

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Our Mission:

New Energy Movement Canada is a grassroots group dedicated to sharing empowering information with the public about quantum-leap clean energy inventions, educating ourselves, creating a nurturing environment for inventors, and acting as a catalyst for the proliferation of harmonious energy-conversion devices and systems. The intention behind these actions is to help restore ecosystems and enhance life for all living beings on the planet.

NEM Canada's Vision:

We envision a civilization of higher consciousness in which humankind possesses a variety of devices which tap into a source of abundant free or affordable energy accessible to all. This energy is Life, and people use it with pure intention and integrity.

It Takes A New Consciousness To Create New Solutions!

Learn about new energy, attend an event, join our list and spread the word.

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